Get to know Bagus Hendrayono, Top Recruiter in Consulting Companies and Startup Companies

Bagus Hendrayono, Get to know Bagus Hendrayono, Top Recruiter in Consulting Companies and Startup Companies

Bagus Hendrayono, former managing director of Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia, has returned
from his hiatus to the recruitment industry by joining startup Go-Pay as Vice
President Talent (VP) Acquisition. His work in the Monroe Consulting Group since becoming a consultant
recruitment up to serving as managing director has contributed to raising the name
the international company in Indonesia. To Parrish & Co. , Bagus Hendrayono is willing to share
a story about the career journey that forged him until he was as successful as he is today.

Early Career
After completing his studies at Gundarma University, Bagus Hendrayono worked in various places
until finally finding his identity in the field of recruitment. His adventures in the world of recruitment
started in 2005, when he worked for GE Consumer Finance. As recruitment and
training officer, he was assigned to a new function, the GE Sales Academy—training for sales— region
Jakarta. Then, in 2006, he was entrusted with handling areas throughout Indonesia.

Join the Monroe Consulting Group.
A year later, in November 2007 to be precise, he joined the Monroe Consulting Group. Man
who took a master’s degree in marketing at Mercu Buana University, only
takes 6 months to get promoted from Executive Recruitment position
Consultant to a team leader position in the Consumer Goods Division. Its performance continues to prove so
only about 3-4 months later, he was entrusted with becoming the Deputy Country
manager. After one year of work, a man who has the professional principles of honesty, excellence and
this respect, given Monroe’s shares. He is the only non-director who gets the shares.

During his time as Deputy Country Manager, the divisions (Consumer Goods and Industrial Division)
he has led several times to win the best division award. Finally, he grabbed
number 1 position in Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia, the largest operating and earning generator
for the Monroe Consulting Group.

Hiatus and Joins Go-Pay
After 10 years of dedication, Bagus Hendrayono resigned from Monroe Consulting
Group Indonesia and enjoy refreshing moments. Together with his wife, he rides a motorcycle from
Jakarta to Aceh. For about two weeks to 1 month, they roam the cities
memorable ones, such as Palembang. According to him, that was the best moment during the 10 years where he was
can vacation with a sense of ‘pleasure’ (without work load) with his wife. Usually, Good only
take a maximum of 7 days off a year.

He left Monroe actually not because he got an offer to work elsewhere.
Bagus only had time to think that he would start a recruitment consulting company or work
at Go-Jek (if he has to move to the corporate/client-side). It’s like a dream come true, Go-Jek
offers the position of Vice President of Talent Acquisition at Go-Pay.

Working in a Consulting Company vs a Startup Company
As VP Talent Acquisition of Go-Pay, Bagus is tasked with obtaining the talent needed
company and improve the recruitment process. According to him, there is indeed a difference between

talent acquisition (TA) and recruiters in consulting and corporate companies, especially startups
like Go-Pay. First, in the corporation there is a series of bureaucracy, such as administration, processes
internal processes and requires various approvals. While in a consulting firm
or agency, simpler. Second, in corporations, the scope of work is bigger and the duration is longer
long. TA’s work does not stop when companies recruit employees. The task is up to employees
pass probation. While the scope of the consulting company handled only the process

Consulting firms and startups have their challenges. As a TA/recruiter from
consulting firm, there is equality in the relationship between the TA/recruiter (consultant) and
client. Consultants do work for clients, but are not directly employees of them.
So, if you fail to reach an agreement with the client, it doesn’t have a big impact. Another case with
TA/recruiter who is really part of the internal corporation and is paid directly by
the corporation. So, working as an in-house TA/recruiter requires a different approach

Bagus also gave an overview of working at a startup, ”Startup is not like any other
companies. In startup, it’s not all about competencies. Doesn’t matter how good you are, if you are
not agile, if you’re not adaptable to the changes, if you’re not willing to do beyond your job
description, then working at it will be very challenging… those kinds of mentalities will determine
whether or not you will be a successful employee in a startup.”

Bagus himself also admits that he is still in the adaptation stage and continues to learn at Go-Pay.
When asked about his plans for 10 years, he replied “My passion is always on the
entrepreneurial side. So, if you ask, ten years from now… Insya Allah, if God permits, I’ll
be running my own business. What’s that? Most likely, agency… Maybe others, maybe me
open a fishing pond. Hehehe.”

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