Get to know terms that are often considered the same: UX designer and UI designer

UX Designer dan UI Designer, Get to know terms that are often considered the same: UX designer and UI designer

UX Designer and UI Designer We may often encounter professional terms in the digital field, as if UX is the same as UI. However, UX designers and UI designers have their own roles and work at different stages of production. The work of UX (User Experience) designers and UI (User Interface) designers is interrelated to produce digital products that are useful and enjoyable for users. Check out the description in this article to find out where the differences between UX designer and UI designer are and how the two work together.

UX Designer

UX designers work to identify user problems and provide solutions. Don Norman, the originator of the term UX, defines UX as the process of increasing user satisfaction and loyalty by increasing usability, ease of use and enjoyment in interactions between users and products.

UX designers are from the early stages of product development and have a broader role than UI designers. Broadly speaking, the UI designer’s work stages include:

  1. Strategy development: Covering research on competitors and users to compiling content.
  2. Wireframing and Prototyping: Creating initial models and conducting tests.
  3. Execution and Analysis: Collaborate with various parts, including the UI, analyze and iterate the entire process. UX is a non-stop process for continuous improvement.

In essence, UX designers don’t just focus on appearance. UX designers focus on how the product functions and how the product is perceived by users.

UI Designer

UI designers handle the appearance of websites, applications and software. UI designers are responsible for translating the company’s ‘personality’ and brand into their designs. Visual elements -such as animation, color, font size and type, buttons and so on- and product interactivity are the work of UI designers.

UI cannot be underestimated, because UI that is attractive and comfortable in the eyes of the user can form an emotional attachment.

UX Designer x UI Designer

The contributions of UX designers and UI designers are equally crucial to make users feel at home. UX understands the characteristics of the user. Then, UI designers create appropriate visual displays and interactions, so that users can easily understand and like the product.

Quoting Emil Lamprecht’s parable, if the product is the body, then the programming code is the bones that make up the structure of the body and the organs represent the UX. While UI can be likened to skin, senses, and appearance.

UX Designer or UI Designer?

Mastering UX design and UI design skills can increase competitive advantage. Like a complete package, people who are skilled in both fields, master the analysis, management, and aesthetic (visual and interaction) sides of the project. Income will also be greater.

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