Understand Ethics and How to Lay Off Employees Due to Corona

, Understand Ethics and How to Lay Off Employees Due to Corona

In the midst of a pandemic, there has been widespread news that companies are laying off employees on a large scale. Some companies feel that this efficiency effort is the most logical thing to do to ensure that the company can continue to run optimally. Of course the solution taken is not only layoffs of employees, but also budget cuts in several operational division sectors which are felt to have no significant effect on the company itself.

While several other companies adopt policies to lay off employees with or without benefits being provided. Whatever the company’s decision, there must be a reason that drives these decisions to be taken. It should be understood that not only companies, but employees are also experiencing a difficult situation right now. That’s why it’s so important that you pay attention to proper ethics when laying off employees.

As a representative of a company asked to lay off employees, you must do this transparently. Inform the circumstances and conditions experienced by the company as they are to each employee affected by this layoff. Even if they will no longer be involved as workers in the company, it is still important for them to know this information.

By providing open information about these conditions, employees will better understand the situation experienced by the company. Although of course it will still be difficult, every employee is entitled to a reason why they were laid off. Especially if the reason for laying off this employee is not due to the fault of the person concerned while working at the company.

Don’t beat around the bush
You also need to remember and understand that basically employees can also read the situation. Especially in the context of the crisis conditions that everyone is currently experiencing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. So, you don’t need to have lengthy conversations with unnecessary topics when you are going to lay off this employee.

Make sure the conversation is fast and informative. Convey information accurately and transparently. Don’t beat around the bush and choose language that is straightforward but still polite. Say what needs to be said. Including important information that every employee needs to know after they are laid off later, are there any rights that will be accepted and so on.

Understand reaction
When laying off employees, you must really understand that every reaction given is not the same. You also cannot expect that every employee will give a positive reaction or response regarding the termination decision. It could be that the reaction or response given by employees is negative and even aggressive.

As a company representative, you are expected to remain calm in dealing with this situation. Understand that this reaction is normal for anyone who has lost their job. Especially if the job is the only source of income for the employee concerned. For that, you need to control yourself well so you don’t get hooked emotionally.

Set tone and intonation
When starting this conversation, make sure your emotional state is stable and calm. You need to set the tone and intonation when speaking as well as possible. Make sure the employees who are spoken to and who are informed about this termination understand that this is a decision made by looking at the operational and professional interests.

Maintain your body language as well as eye contact. Make sure communication takes place at the proper level of courtesy and professionalism. So, they can maintain a calm atmosphere and respect each other during the employee layoff process. If you yourself feel like you need a break, there’s nothing wrong with taking a short break.

The last thing you can do is provide motivation to every employee who gets terminated. Including providing support, such as the company’s willingness to provide work recommendation letters or other files that will be needed by employees later in their new jobs.

That way, you can present a good image of a company that also wants to appreciate the work of employees who have been involved in good work with the company. While maintaining ethics and good relations both interpersonally and institutionally.

Meta desc : Not only companies, employees also experience difficult situations. That’s why it’s so important that you pay attention to proper ethics when laying off employees.

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