Work from Home for Employees, Effective or Not?

, Work from Home for Employees, Effective or Not?

The Corona Outbreak or better known as Covid-19 has made many business and office activities carried out remotely. Even though there are many pros and cons that accompany it, in fact many workers are happy with this system. But, what about the effectiveness of employee performance when working from home?

Increased Productivity, Really?

A research conducted by AirTasker, a company based in Australia, states that employees who work from home, or who are more popularly known as remote working, claim to be more productive in carrying out their tasks. Why is that? The answer is because they have a longer time to rest.
True, remote workers have more flexible working hours, when compared to working in an office. While working at home, an employee is not fixated on time. What is important, the tasks and responsibilities were successfully completed. This is different when you are in the office, where every activity is included in the schedule, including breaks.
Research by AirTasker involving more than 1,000 full-time employees yields staggering numbers. One of them is workers who work from home have a few minutes longer rest time, compared to when they work in the office. However, this fact will indeed have an impact on the total hours worked as long as he is a remote worker.
In math, remote employees spend 1.4 days longer a month at work. Of course, this is due to the increased rest hours factor. Apparently, the respondents, some of whom are millennials, do not mind how long they work at home, as long as they get longer rest periods. This has indeed been proven to affect their productivity.

How is your relationship with your boss while working from home?

Still from the results of a survey conducted by AirTasker, apparently working from home or remote working is not completely free from the monitoring of ‘the boss’. There are interesting facts revealed from the survey. Approximately 70% of respondents think that ‘the boss’ is more talkative when the employees are doing tasks from home. This means that workers are under even more pressure, although not face-to-face. That way, the impression of being lazy when working from home is not entirely true.
For some people, maybe working from home is a dream. In fact, remote working cannot be completely free from ‘the boss’. More than 40% of respondents said they still feel stressed while working at home. The cause is none other than ‘the boss’ which is even more pressing. If this is the case, do you still dream of working from home?
You will be amazed by this one fact: more than 25% of respondents stated that they would resign from office, with the main consideration being a toxic friend or boss. Even though it’s nothing new, in fact this unhealthy relationship can also occur when remote working takes place.

Balancing Act

Without an office or a regular place to work, the lines between personal life and work are blurred. In other words, employees who do remote work have a worse work-life balance. No less than 30% of remote workers try to find the right ‘work style’, and it turns out that 23% of office employees also experience the same thing.
From the above review, it can be concluded that there is actually almost no difference between the performance of an employee working in the office and remotely. They both find it difficult to find a balance of ‘life’, living as a worker, and living as a person. In fact, they also both remain stressed with pressure from their superiors. Working at home or in the office, there are still responsibilities that must be completed.

Interesting Facts

Indeed, Work From Home is not as beautiful as many people imagine. Even at home, an employee still has to complete his duties. Not to mention, they have to adjust to the new ‘atmosphere’. However, there is one interesting fact about employees working from home.
Research published by AirTasker states that remote workers or employees have the opportunity to do exercise or light exercise that can make them healthier. They averaged two hours and 44 minutes of moderate exercise or physical exercise per week, which is 24 minutes longer per week than in the office.
Light exercise and a nutritious diet are quite vital for the health of employees, which greatly affect their performance in carrying out their duties. So, which do you choose, a team working from the office or a team working from home?

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